New Arivaham at Oorunayaganpatti

25 agost 2017

We have almost finished the new Arivaham at Oorunayaganpatti Village. At this moment, 40 children from this little village will have the space where to do the homework and study with the help of adequate teacher staff.

The Oorunayaganpatti habitants have an isolation degree bigger than the rest of villages of the area due to their traditions and way of life, which are mainly different from the rest. Some of those traditions push against education of the children and liberation and empowerment of the women.

Nowadays the children from this village, assist St. Fatima Middle School which is running by COPE Trust. Both, boys and girls as well as familiars are very happy with the school. In this sense, in order to improve the results and avoid school absenteeism, the population asked for the creation of one Arivaham center in the village.

We started in an old building owned by Tamil Nadu Government which didn’t accomplish the conditions to continue there for a long time. Then, COPE Trust started to build a new building and finally the village will have a perfect place to cover their needs.