4 octubre 2013

We have recently joined the website which promotes the solidary economy enlarging the useful life of products that we don’t use any more. These products are offered to other people who may need them at reasonable prices.

Everybody can sell any no needed item and donate a percentage or full amount to one of the NGOs registered in Rastro Solidario. ACT Fundació is one of them. We encourage you to do a cleaning up at home and join Rastro Solidario. In this way you will collaborate with ACT Fundació.

Rastro Solidario has presented recently the project a

One of the voted projects will be the winner. You have to enter at click on “súmate” and register your data.

Help us to be the winner. In this way Rastro Solidario will begin this and other projects in order to help the NGOs registered at Rastro Solidario.