Arivaham MathurGirl entering the Arivaham


School reinforcement classes and social revitalization

The Arivaham project offers school reinforcement lessons for boys and girls with no resources to avoid school absenteeism. COPE Trust provides teachers, classrooms and occasional help at the beginning of the course: learning material, uniforms and help to pay schooling taxes. The objective is to encourage families to take their kids to school. Arivaham centres (“house of knowledge” in tamil language) have also the mission to be a social revitalization place, with occupational workshops for women and formative courses for youngsters.

At the moment there are three centers located in Mathur, Suralipatti and Muthukulam villages and 198 children are they beneficiaries.

The objective is to extend this initiative to the rest of the villages in the area and this way to reach:

  • A decrease in school absenteeism index and improvement in the education of the children attending public schools.
  • Gradually turn the centres in meeting points and places for social and cultural revitalization for the villages.