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ACT foundation works with local Indian organization COPE Trust (Children Oriented Progressive Education Trust) with a main objective: to improve the living conditions and the education of orphan boys and girls, single parent families and broken homes and the most disadvantaged castes in Indian society.


COPE Trust Friends Association was created in 2003 and five years later, in the extraordinary general assembly of 28th March 2008, the members decided to created the Foundation for a number of reasons:

  • The Association general interest objectives fit perfectly the founding principles of the Foundation.
  • The Foundation allowed reaching a wider range of financing sources.
  • The Foundation offers tax benefits regarding the activity and also collaborators and donors.
  • The Foundation is a legal figure that represents better our cooperation activity.


The Foundation is structured around a team that oversees the achievement of the objectives described in its charter and works with a more closer volunteers that organize and manage the activities to publicize and raise fund for projects themselves. From time to time in the organization of events that require more human resources, the organisation mobilize a larger number of volunteers.

Activities report

You can find here all the actions carried out by the Foundation and COPE Trust, so as the Foundation financial report. Download here (Spanish version).