The drought continues in our working area

The monsoon still doesn´t appear in Tamil Nadu. Although last weeks some rains have achieved to change a little the landscape, the truth is the situation is still hard for all the towns in the area. The government continues providing water for direct consumption, but the cattle that remains find it difficult to survive and […]

Opening of the Arivaham centre in Oorunayaganpatti

The last 18th of September, we inaugurated the Arivaham centre in the village of Oorunayaganpatti. The Arivaham project has as main goal the fight against school absenteeism and provides school tutoring through a specially enabled area for studying and support techers for the students. Thanks to this Arivaham, fifty children of this town will benefit […]

New Arivaham at Oorunayaganpatti

We have almost finished the new Arivaham at Oorunayaganpatti Village. At this moment, 40 children from this little village will have the space where to do the homework and study with the help of adequate teacher staff. The Oorunayaganpatti habitants have an isolation degree bigger than the rest of villages of the area due to […]

PorfinViernes charity concert at Luz de Gas Barcelona

We inform you that next Thursday 20th November at 9 pm the musical group PorfinViernes will play in a Charity Concert for ACT Fundació and other NGO’s at the known nightlife Luz de Gas place in Barcelona (C/Muntaner 246). PorfinViernes will play the greatest hits of the last decades. We are sure it will be a dancing […]

Christmas celebrations with COPE Trust

Continuing the tradition, COPE Trust celebrates Christmas once again with the poor old people and the children of Nesa Karangal and Oli Illam, offering them food, a children’s spectacle and clothes. This year the celebration will be specially emotive as the children will leave Nesa and Oli houses at the end of the scholar year […]


Agreement between COPE Trust and Nehru Middle School in Muthukulam Village to build the toilets of the school. This is a very vocational public service private school. It serves the families with low economical resources of the area offering a very low school fees being the only available school in the area. Oli Illam boys […]


Piu et Nau, the baby clothe’s shop in Barcelona has promoted a very atractive wooden boxes to put inside any gift shop. The boxes are sold at very reduced prices. The benefits of this selling will be destinated to Arivaham project which COPE Trust is implementing in South India. La ropa de PIU ET NAU, […]


We have recently joined the website which promotes the solidary economy enlarging the useful life of products that we don’t use any more. These products are offered to other people who may need them at reasonable prices. Everybody can sell any no needed item and donate a percentage or full amount to one of the […]